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Once an order is completed, customers are expected to rate the DoorDash Driver responsible for the delivery. These ratings help drivers or Dashers understand how satisfied customers are with their services.

However, not only customers can rate DoorDash drivers. Merchants or restaurants can, although most ignore it. The processes for both procedures are also quite different.

This guide explains how customers and merchants can rate DoorDash drivers and their minimum rating thresholds. You will also find answers to related FAQs.

How to Rate DoorDash Drivers [As a Customer]

How To Rate Doordash Drivers [As A Customer & Restaurant Manager] - threaller (1)

Customers can leave a 5-star rating after a Dasher has completed a delivery. Below is a breakdown of how you can rate a DoorDash driver as a customer:

  1. Login to your DoorDash account
  2. Select the “Order” tab and choose the order you wish to rate from the dropdown.
  3. The name of the delivery driver, or Dasher should appear under 5 stars.
  4. Select the number of stars you want to give the Dasher
  5. If you choose less than a 5-star rating, DoorDash will ask why. A box designed to accommodate the reason for your rating will appear.
  6. Click “Submit” to complete the process.

Please note that ratings below 5 stars will be voided if:

  • The Dasher had to wait for more than 10 minutes at a restaurant.
  • There is a missing or incorrect item in a sealed bag.
  • The late delivery is due to delivering multiple orders (more than 3).
  • The delivery is expected to be more than 15 minutes late when you accept it.
  • Delivery occurs under extreme weather conditions and other challenging conditions.
  • There is a system-wide outage during the delivery period.

How to Rate DoorDash Drivers [As a Merchant or Restaurant]

Merchants or restaurants can also rate a Dasher, although most ignore it because they are usually busy. Nevertheless, there are two ways to do it – via the Merchant Portal or the Order Manager app:

How to Rate a Dasher via the Merchant Portal

  1. Login to your DoorDash Merchant Portal
  2. Select the “Order” tab
  3. Navigate to the order you wish to rate and select “Rate” next to the Dasher’s name.
  4. Merchants can rate a Dasher in 3 ways: Poor, Good, or Great.

How to rate Dashers via the Order Manager App (for DoorDash tablet users)

  • Login to your manager app via your DoorDash tablet
  • Navigate to your “Orders” and select the “Give Feedback” button in the order details
  • Follow the prompts to leave a positive or negative rating

Perhaps your experience was so bad you wish to ban a Dasher from your store; select “Block this Dasher” next to the Dasher’s details. Also, leave a comment on why you made the decision.

Please note that blocking Dashers could reduce the number of Dashers available for your store and reduce acceptance speed.

Minimum rating threshold(s) for Dashers

Unless stated otherwise in writing, Dashers in the U.S. must maintain these minimum thresholds to continue dashing:

  • Customer Rating – 4.2
  • Completion Rate – 80% in most U.S. regions. 90% in Connecticut, Palm Bay, New Orleans, Seattle, Des Moines, San Antonio, Huntsville, and Albuquerque.
  • Acceptance Rate – There is no minimum.
  • On-time/Early Delivery Rate – No minimum but repeated late deliveries may result in account deactivation.


Can you make a complaint to DoorDash about a driver?

Yes, by contacting DoorDash’s customer service via live chat, emails, or calls. This can be handy when you are experiencing issues before a delivery.

Do DoorDash drivers see your rating?

DoorDash drivers can see your ratings, but not who provided them. This means they can only guess the customer’s identity if they leave a good or bad review.

Does DoorDash refund money?

DoorDash reserves the right to refund at its discretion. However, they prefer to issue credits you can use towards your next order rather than refunds.


You can rate a Dasher as poor, good, or great as a customer or restaurant manager. This can be done via a 5-star model or by picking those options directly. Ratings are either calculated on a rolling basis or over all your deliveries.

Irrespective of the style that applies to a dasher, customers need to understand that ratings are designed to rate only the delivery of the food. Errors or defaults relating to your food have nothing to do with the Dasher.

For DoorDash, it is a way to determine if a Dasher is eligible to Dash or enjoy promotions or incentives. Feel free to explain further if you had a bad experience with a DoorDash driver.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please proceed to learn how to handle a wrong order on DoorDash.

Thanks for reading.

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How To Rate Doordash Drivers [As A Customer & Restaurant Manager] - threaller (2024)
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