Governor Lamont and Commissioner Russell-Tucker Announce Recipients of Summer Mental Health Grants for Schools and Camps (2024)

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Governor Lamont and Commissioner Russell-Tucker Announce Recipients of Summer Mental Health Grants for Schools and Camps (1)


Governor Lamont and Commissioner Russell-Tucker Announce Recipients of Summer Mental Health Grants for Schools and Camps

Two-Year Grants Cover Costs Incurred Through Summer 2025

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont and Education Commissioner Charlene Russell-Tucker today announced the release of more than $2 million in grants for 36 school districts and summer camp programs across Connecticut that will be used to support the delivery of mental health programming for students during the summer months over the next two years.

Awarded under the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Summer Mental Health Supports Grant program, the grants for each district and summer camp program range from $17,000 to $85,000. This competitive grant program is utilizing funding the state received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This is the third of three rounds of grants the department has issued with ARPA funding that are aimed at increasing access to mental health support services for Connecticut’s youths. Eligible costs incurred beginning in summer 2024 through summer 2025 are reimbursable under this grant program.

The funding will support mental health services for students during the summer by partnering with Connecticut local and regional school districts, youth camp operators, and other summer programs through summer 2025. This grant is an extension of the Summer Mental Health Grant Program issued in 2023 for three years, which provided $4.5 million to 48 school districts and summer camp programs.

“The need for mental health services for our youth continues year-round, and by enhancing existing programs and creating new initiatives tailored to their needs, we are investing in the future success and well-being of Connecticut’s youth,” Governor Lamont said. “The collaboration between school districts, summer camps, and mental health professionals is key to this effort, ensuring that our students receive the necessary support during these critical periods.”

“By partnering with schools, camps, and community-based programs, we are ensuring that mental health services are available year-round,” Commissioner Russell-Tucker said. “This investment further extends the availability of social, emotional, and mental health supports during the summer through new community partners with innovative initiatives and programming to support students wherever they are spending time this summer.”

“This $2 million investment will make a life-changing difference in the lives of thousands of children in Connecticut who will now have mental health care throughout the summer,” U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal said. “Access to care, especially during the summer, is critical to tackling the mental health crisis plaguing our youth and I am proud to have fought for the American Rescue Plan funding that is supporting this critical program. I will keep advocating for more resources to support children’s mental health services, and commend Governor Lamont and Commissioner Russell-Tucker for their leadership.”

“Students’ mental health needs don’t go away at the end of the school year,” U.S. Senator Chris Murphy said. “This $2 million in federal funding will help dozens of schools and summer camps across Connecticut offer mental health support and ensure kids in our state don’t lose access to the care they need this summer.”

“We passed the American Rescue Plan in Congress to ensure communities had the resources and flexibility to address the unique needs they faced coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Congressman John B. Larson (CT-01) said. “Most of our nation’s youth do not have access to adequate mental health services, but federal and state funding has gone a long way to close these gaps here in Connecticut. I’m thrilled to join Governor Lamont to announce more than $500,000 in American Rescue Plan funding to ensure kids have access to mental health resources and programs this in communities across the First District this summer, from Portland and East Hartford to Torrington and Winchester.”

“It’s common knowledge by now that America’s youth need more access to mental health care and counseling, but across the country, a serious lack of mental health services has persisted for years,” Congressman Joe Courtney (CT-02) said. “Once again, these federal American Rescue Plan funds are going to help reverse that trend across the state by ensuring students have support year-round.”

“These grants represent more than financial support, they are a lifeline that will help create a safer, more nurturing environment for our youth during the summer months and beyond,” Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) said. “The mental health of our youth is a priority that transcends the school year. Collaboration between school districts, community programs, and mental health professionals is vital in addressing the ongoing mental health needs of our students. By funding these essential programs, we are ensuring that students have access to the support they need, no matter the season.”

“I’m so proud of the work Connecticut has done to expand mental health support for young people in our state. However, it is critical that these resources remain accessible beyond the school year,” Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) said. “The Summer Mental Health Grant program ensures that local schools, camps, and community programs are sufficiently equipped throughout the summer months so that no child struggles to find the care they need.”

The grants awarded under this funding round are as follows:

Connecticut State Department of Education’s Summer Mental Health Supports Grant Recipients for 2024 and 2025

Lead Applicant


Total Grant Award

Barbara's House



Boys and Girls Club of Stamford, Inc.



Canterbury School District



Canton School District



Derby School District



East Hartford School District

East Hartford


East Haven School District

East Haven


Eastern Connecticut Regional Educational Service Center (EASTCONN)



Farmington School District



Greater New Britain Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Inc

New Britian


Greater Waterbury YMCA



Hartford School District



Hartford Stage Company



Hartford’s Camp Courant



Kellys Kids Inc.



Middletown School District



Milford School District



Monroe School District



Naugatuck YMCA



Newtown School District



Northwest CT YMCA



Portland School District



Regional School District 09



Shelton School District



Sprague School District



Stratford School District



The YWCA of New Britain/DiLoreto, Roosevelt, Pulaski and Slade

New Britain


Torrington School District



Union School District



Wallingford Family YMCA



Waterbury School District



Waterford Country School



Waterford Youth Service Bureau



Weston School District



Winchester School District



Windham School District



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Governor Lamont and Commissioner Russell-Tucker Announce Recipients of Summer Mental Health Grants for Schools and Camps (2024)
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