30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (2024)

Going into 2018 there was one thing I couldn’t predict: my addiction to memes. Oh sure I, like everyone else, saw their fair share of memes on Facebook. That’s kind of the job of your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You know, post stuff they think is the bee’s knees. Some family members must have said that to you at some point. Anyway, point is I never really hunted for them before I started at TheGamer, which is now almost a year old. I began with the idea that I would be covering games and as our audience changed so did the content we provided. I was a little resistant to the idea of memes, but everyone seems to like them so I jumped on board. Now I can’t get enough.

I’ve always been kind of a budding comedian in that I’m the typical life of the party kind of guy. Not to toot my own horn, or anything because I know my humor isn’t for everyone. I also know that not all jokes are going to hit and that’s fine. Entertaining is my hobby right alongside games and whether you like it or not I’m going to be here for a long time. I hope so at least. What does that have to do with this article? Simply it’s easy to make fun of Nintendo. A little good ribbing never hurt anyone. These pretty puppies poke fun at some of the more shameful practices of Nintendo and their characters.

30 A Farfetch'd Solution

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One of the most popular questions regarding the Pokémon universe concerns the eating habits of humans. Like are there animals that aren’t Pokémon? Is that what people eat, or do they consume Pokémon as well as employ them for chores and or battles. If you read up on more Pokédex entries it all becomes clear. Let’s look at Farfetch'd for example and the Pokédex entry that happened in his first anime appearance.

“Farfetch'd, a Wild Duck Pokémon.” Farfetch'd makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch'd is nearly extinct.”

Can we get any clearer than that? It’s like he was bred for being eaten by the Pokémon gods. Why else would he carry that leek around? I wonder how Pikachu tastes.

29 I’m Cuckoo For PETA Puffs

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Ah the Cuckoo. Link’s immortal enemy? They first appeared in A Link to the Past in Kakariko Village. If you hit them end enough times a storm of Cuckoos will descend upon you, slowing the game to a crawl. As if that wasn’t crazy enough you could do it with the undead, boned versions of the Cuckoos in the Dark World. Now that’s the thing of nightmares. It was a funny Easter egg, but I can’t believe Nintendo has kept it in the series ever since. It seems a little cruel don’t you think? I have to go with the latter on this meme. Link is no hero if he gets to pick on innocent little chicken things. In the infamous words of Hank Hill, “That boy ain’t right.”

28 Musical Nightmares

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Watching Mario drown over and over again in Super Mario 64 is creepy, but it gets worse. Like this meme states, it still haunts me at night. This deadly instrument can be found in Big Boo’s Haunt. Of course, the piano is haunted if you’re traveling into Big Boo territory. Anyway, it appears normal at first then opens to reveal teeth. It wants the flesh of Mario! My goodness, that was a shock when playing it for the first time. That was just last year too for the purpose of my ranking of Nintendo 64 games. Even as an adult experiencing it now it still gave me the shivers. Thankfully the Mad Piano hasn’t become a mainstay villain in the Mario franchise after this game.

27 Nice One Blockhead

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Here’s a little known fact about the original Super Mario Bros. In the manual it states that King Koopa turned the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom into blocks. You know, the ones you smash through during the entirety of that game. That means you’re destroying the citizens of the kingdom all in your lust for coins and power-ups. That’s what you could theorize at least.

The real monster of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The manual is a bit sketchy. I mean wouldn’t the people be gone already if they were turned into bricks meaning they couldn’t feel the brunt of Mario’s fist smashing through them? That’s what I need to think at least. It’ll make me sleep better at night. Real, or not it's a strange beginning scenario for the original Super Mario Bros.

26 Ever Shrooming Darkness

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When is the last time you brushed up on your Pokémon knowledge? That is to say when is the last time you looked at a Pokédex entry? Have you ever? If you have then you know there’s some truly creepy data in there and I’m not just talking about the fact that ten year olds are basically capturing the gods of the Pokémon universe. No I’m referring to the smaller and lesser-known Pokémon like Paras. Did you know that when it evolves into Parasect those mushrooms on its back actually take over its mind? Yeah, those are parasite shrooms and they’re now big enough to affect Parasect’s entire nervous system. What the heck is that all about Nintendo? Are you trying to scare children into therapy?

25 Whoa, What?

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One of the best things fans have undertaken in our modern age of game consumption is breaking games. A lot of Speedrunners use it for shortcuts. Looking behind the code for answers no one asked. Let's take a look at this meme for example. If you’re able to clip through walls you can find a lot of the models used in Ocarina of Time aren’t complete.

They took my shins!

Why? Well simply put it saved on data to not have to render someone’s legs like this shopkeeper. Nintendo’s programmers never imaged someone would be able to see behind there after all. It’s spooky today and Ocarina of Time isn’t the only example. If you want to keep your sanity maybe don’t go look for them though.

24 The Sacrificial Dinosaur

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It’s time to talk about Mario and Yoshi. This pair was first introduced in Super Mario World as Mario’s first mount. It’s one of the reasons why I hold the game so close to my heart as in it’s still my favorite game in the franchise. So what makes Yoshi so great as a power-up? He’s like an extra heart you can keep around as long as you keep mounting him. He can also eat Koopa shells for a lot of special effects like sprouting wings. What was the thing most used him for? That’s right. A sacrificial lamb. If you were on the verge of falling into a pit, Yoshi was a good platform to jump off from. Winning is everything to a kid, but I feel regretful now.

23 While You Were Sleeping

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Without a doubt The Legend of Zelda: Major’s Mask is the darkest entry in the series. Fans have speculated that Link has been six feet under the whole time. Even if he hasn’t truly perished think about it like this. He’s stuck in a Groundhog’s Day scenario of infinite destruction. Again, it’s pretty dark. Runner-up is the recent Breath of the Wild. The story is basically about failure. Link, Zelda, and the Guardians failed to protect Hyrule. As alast-ditch effort Link was frozen in time in the hopes he could someday return to help. In that time the apocalypse basically happened. There’s still life and hope left for the survivors, but it’s definitely a bleak undertaking when you really think about it.

22 Get Back In The Kitchen!

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Ha! I laugh every time I see this one. Now granted Roll, Mega Man’s sister, was created in the 80s so stereotypes about women were rampant back then especially in the Japanese culture. Not trying to throw anyone’s culture under the bus, but it’s a cruel fact. Women are still trying to fight for equal rights in the workplace.

I want a Mega pie please.

Anyway I don’t want to get political, but this meme deserved a setup because it’s so true. The only woman in the Mega Man universe is basically a maid. It’s even worse in the American Mega Man cartoon. She has the dumbest gadgets in her mechanical arm. It’s funny, but a tad shameful at the same time. Also that jumpsuit has got to go. It screams April O’Neil wannabe.

21 Fly Me To The Moon

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Okay look. I was beyond hyped that Nintendo helped SEGA and PlatinumGames resurrect Bayonetta from the grave for a sequel on the Wii U. I’m overjoyed to see it come back to Switch and that a new one is on the way as well. Again, I couldn’t be more excited. However, does anyone else find it strange that this hyper slinky witch is now a beloved Nintendo classic? Seems weird based on the company’s morals. I mean how many mature games do they have in their exclusive third-party list? It’s not like they haven’t existed over the years, but Bayonetta has a one two punch ofintense fighting, and over the top too steamy for your parents to see antics. I’m glad Nintendo has this one in the bank, but again it is a tad weird.

20 Guilt Trip

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I could never get into Pikmin for the sole reason of guilt. Those colorful critters are so cute and helpful that I always tried my best to save them all from harm’s way. Am I only the only one that feels bad for using them as cannon fodder? Ha, no that can’t be right. If you didn’t feel a twinge of guilt then you’re probably a cold blooded, heartless soul. Eh, but on the other hand maybe I’m too much of a bleeding heart.

No, my pretty Pikmin!

It is just a video game after all. That said doesn’t it speak volumes to Nintendo’s credit that I feel so much for a bunch of polygons? I never feel that way about Mario, or even Yoshi, which is a subject we’ll get into later. Whatever the reason, these Pikmin deserve better.

19 Nook Is A Crook

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (12)

Another series I couldn’t get into was Animal Crossing, but for completely different reasons. Actually this meme sums it up. I can see the appeal for kids. They don’t have to really worry about money and playing “house” is a typical thing they do. Kids still do that don’t they? Anyway I just don’t see the appeal for adults. What’s so fun about debt? Sure the townsfolk are charming and I pretty much love everything with a raccoon in it even if Tom Nook is a trickster. The monotony is boring to me though. Day in and day out over and over again. Plus if you don’t check in daily the town lets you hear it. If I wanted to be lectured I’d get married. Ha, as if that was the only reason I’m not.

18 The Many Faces Of Mario

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With each new game Mario’s perish animations get creepier and creepier. Why do I want to see this husky plumber in pain? It’s a kids icon for crying out loud. Sure he’s good for all ages, but come on. Let’s see there’s the drowning in Super Mario 64. For as crude as the polygons are it still haunts me. Then there’s the most recent Super Mario Odyssey.

Let’s maybe tone it down a bit Nintendo.

Now this isn’t exactly a fail animation, but it no less disgusted me. Have you seen it Mario when needles hit him? His nose blows up and it looks disgusting like it’s about to pop. All of these animation are nothing compared to 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, but they’re disturbing nonetheless.

17 The Whole Punch-Out!! Vibe

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (14)

This is probably a touchy subject, but Punch-Out!! is kind of racist albeit in a “fun” cartoony way. It premiered during a time when cultural stereotypes were more accepted in media. Plus it doesn’t single any one nation. It’s like a racist buffet of jokes and they’re not really that offensive.

Disco Kid doesn't advertise.

Let’s take a look at some of these zany characters. There’s Glass Joe, a Frenchman who is characterized as a weakling like many people think France embodies. Pizza Pasta is obviously an Italian with a name like that. Then they tried to go a bit progressive with the last game on Wii with Disco Kid, who looked like he was supposed to be a Gay antagonist. Again, nothing truly insulting here, but it’s not exactly easy to forget either.

16 Kunta Kinte-chu

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It’s a bit of an extreme comparison, but the question has been raised. Are Pokémon seriously this controlled? I mean sure they’re your “friends” but do friends keep others in balls and make them fight for a living? I don’t think so. Not in my book. There are those out there that strongly believe it’s wrong like PETA. This isn’t a joke. They even made games to protest Pokémon. See for yourself. It’s, uh, well, insane is probably the best word. I’m making a joke here by over analyzing a video game aimed at kids, but PETA crossed the line. Chill out guys Pokémon aren’t real. It’s a video game. Do you not know? We need you to know, because it's important to be able to tell the difference.

15 Majin Kirby

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What’s more creepy than watching characters like Mario perish over and over again? Thinking about what a monster Kirby is. I referenced this in a recent comic article detailing why Kirby and dogs are so similar. He doesn’t seem to care what or who he eats. Actually a better analogy is Buu from Dragon Ball Z. They’re both pink and love to eat.

Attack on tummy ache.

Anyway, have you ever stopped to think how cruel it is to eat someone whole?

Sure they probably go under in a second and don’t feel anything, but I still find the thought of being digested eerily vulgar. That’s one of the reasons why Attack on Titan freaks me out so much. At least Kirby isn’t a giant.

14 Bow Chicka Wow Wow

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (17)

Let’s take a break from razing on Nintendo’s franchises and turn our attention to the company itself. Did you know they tried to start a Love Hotel chain in Japan in the 60s? While the name is as exactly as it sounds I suppose I should explain things anyway. See despite how much lewd anime and games are out there, Japan is very proper. Couples sometimes don't even want to do everything at home. That’s why these exist. You rent a room for like an hour, and that’s it. Wham bam thank you, mam. That may be a bit over exaggerated, but it’s a close enough explanation. Can you imagine Nintendo doing that now? They could franchise out all of their series. The Bayonetta room would hurt if you know what I mean.

13 What A Twist

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (18)

On one hand, I applaud Nintendo for creating a female lead and an awesome one at that. On the other hand, making it be a twist at the end is pretty lame as I brought up in my plot twists piece. Really? A plot twist is good when something is surprising, but solvable.

I was a girl the whole time.

Let’s look at The Sixth Sense for example. Theoretically, you could have guessed what the twist was. In Metroid, they just straight up lied to you in the manual calling Samus a guy. Then if you beat it you get to see you were duped. What kind of a twist is that?

12 Well Excuse Me, Princess

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (19)

Let’s appreciate just how dumb the Legend of Zelda cartoon was for a minute, shall we? This clip will give a sense of how much Link said that classic line in the show. Of all the ways you could represent Link why would you choose the one where he’s a prick the whole time and incompetent? Gannon is also pretty stupid, but geez Louise. It’s pretty hilarious and I love ribbing on it, but it also makes me shudder a bit inside. I used to love it as a kid though so that just proves how dumb I was and in general children. I bet you liked it too if you grew up in the 90s. Search your feelings for you know them to be true.

11 Brotherly Competition

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (20)

This meme is another one based on a popular theory. It’s not exactly spelled out for players in Super Mario Galaxy, but it’s pretty heavily hinted that Rosalina is the future child of Princess Peach. Who’s the dad? It has to be Mario right? That’s what you’d assume, but if you watch this video, well, things start to become a little unclear.

I want to go on a green mustache ride.

What if Luigi is actually Rosalina’s father? Whether you believe the theory, or not it does sound plausible. Sounds like something you would see on the Jerry Springer Show, right? In the case of Rosalina, Mario, you are not the father. Then he’d start lighting up the stage with fireballs, or something. Hmm, sounds like a good Saturday Night Live skit.

30 Shameful Nintendo Memes Guaranteed To Corrupt Childhoods (2024)
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