10 Hilarious Nintendo Memes Every Fan Relates To (2024)

Sony and Microsoft fans are dedicated, but even they have nothing on Nintendo lovers. There are people who received an NES back in the 1980s who are still exploring new worlds on the Nintendo Switch. thirty years of gaming almost exclusively with one company creates a bond so strong that those machines in the living room and in hands feel like members of the family.

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Of course, do not forget they are still a giant corporation interested in money above all else. The ten memes below showcase this relationship perfectly, describing the highest highs along with the problems fans have with Nintendo.

10 The Real Portable System

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The Nintendo 64's four controller ports made it perfect for parties, but it was not the most mobile of systems. The Nintendo GameCube remedied this by giving players a nice handle with which to hold the console and a more compact design. Owners would definitely have to bring this system over to other people's houses, since they were statistically the only one among their friends who owned a GameCube, owing to the PS2's monstrous popularity.

9 The Battery That Never Goes

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Friendships come and go, relationships end, and even marriages go through divorces. A Nintendo DS battery, on the other hand, never dies. While not the most powerful handheld device among its contemporaries, one could reliably take it on a long trip and depend on the battery holding up throughout the whole journey. People especially miss this when compared to the Nintendo Switch, whose new editions last about five hours when playingBreath of the Wild.

8 Equal Opportunity Thirst

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The way women are portrayed in video games is problematic, but Nintendo also has no problem showing off its male characters' skin, as the above image shows. Link, Mario, King Dedede, and Shulk are all representing different body types, giving something for people of all tastes to thirst over. From the ultra muscular to the lean and mean and the more average type from Mario, Nintendo fans are not hurting for some titillation.

7 We All Knew This Person

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Everybody knew a kid in school who claimed to have an uncle or other relative who worked at Nintendo. Heck, you may have been that kid who said you already played Nintendo's next console after the Nintendo 64, calling it the Nintendo 65.

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The saddest thing is, there was probably some kid whose parent or aunt or uncle actually did work at Nintendo, yet nobody believed them because of this tired old trick everyone likes to play.

6 Warnings Are Made To Be Ignored

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Cartridges can last a long time, but nothing is more frustrating than when one malfunctions. Most resort to blowing on it to clear dust, but the back of every N64 game strongly advises against this. Even those who read this did not heed the advice. After all, how could it be bad for the cartridge if it always works afterwards? Apparently, the moisture is bad for the connectors.

5 The Fan Game Controversy

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Nintendo is notorious for destroying fan projects. Most recently, they shut down a Super Smash Bros. Meleetournament utilizing an emulator allowing for online play. They've also sent cease and desist orders to single-player oriented fan games. As upsetting as this is, there are two sides to it. At the end of the day, the company's history of this is so long and known, any future fan projects have to be aware of the risk they take.

4 Well, There Are Memes Here

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It's true Nintendo has not always been the center of the conversation, but they are the furthest thing from a niche product. Fans remember when consoles like the Wii U were nothing more than a punchline. However, now Nintendo devotees can relish in the joy of having a successful portable machine. While people are stuck on trains and busses dreaming about their PS5 and Xbox Series X, those with Switches are living it up in Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.

3 It Happens To The Best Of Us

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Okay, maybe not every Nintendo fan can relate to this one, but surely at least one person has discovered an infidelity through gaming. On the opposite end, gaming can be the alibi for people who are accused of cheating. One member of the couple will probably say something like "look, why would I cheat on you when you are out of town when I could spend more time playingSuper SmashBros.with my buddies?"

2 The Cursed Online Infrastructure

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Ever since the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has been playing its own game, opting not to compete with Sony and Microsoft. This has mostly worked, but certain aspects have suffered for many years. Mainly, fans continually bemoan company's online functionality

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This problem has been exacerbated during the global pandemic, where friends who usually meet in person have no choice but use online play.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in particular has notoriously bad net code, andAnimal Crossing: New Horizons also suffers from poor design choices with its multiplayer functionality.

1 It's All Nintendo Baby!

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In a way, Nintendo and its fans should be honored that those uninterested in gaming, such as many parents, refer to any console as a Nintendo. On the other hand, some might be offended at using the company's good name when referring to the PlayStation, Genesis, or Xbox. Having Nintendo's name so synonymous with gaming only shows how big of an impact it has had on culture. After all, the NES andSuper Mario Bros. pretty much single-handedly brought the medium back from the brink of obscurity.

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10 Hilarious Nintendo Memes Every Fan Relates To (2024)
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